Tech N9ne To Recruit Daddy Yankee For ‘Worldwide Choppers 2’

Jul 23 2012

Tech N9ne And Daddy Yankee

Here’s one that is sure to get a reaction.

Since Tech N9ne first confirmed a sequel for “Worldwide Choppers” was in the works, fans all over the web have speculated as to who would appear on the next installment of the speedy-rap collaboration.

A recent discussion on may have just revealed one of the first names to be tapped for the track. User Chris Valdez of California logged into the official forums on to share the awesome experience he had when he met Tech N9ne after a show on the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour.

While the whole story is worth checking out, it was his exchange with Tech N9ne regarding “Worldwide Choppers” that caught our attention:

One of the many questions that I asked him was, ‘Tech you had mentioned a while back on Twitter that you wanted to get Daddy Yankee for a feature on ‘Worldwide Choppers’, will that ever happen?’, and his straight up answer was, ‘I’m gonna get at him for ‘Worldwide Choppers 2’.

There has been no other confirmation regarding “Worldwide Choppers 2”, but if Tech really does intend on reaching out to Daddy Yankee, the sequel could prove to be just as big if not bigger than the original.

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