Vintage Tech – Fans Demand The Old School For KC Crossroads Show

Aug 14 2012

The biggest show of the summer comes to KC Crossroads on August 24 and fans in attendance may just get a blast from the past.

The buzz around Tech N9ne’s homecoming is spreading as fans make their way to Kansas City for a one night only event that will see the king take over KC Crossroads.

One of the biggest bombshells to come out in the weeks leading up to the show has Tech N9ne hinting at breaking out Kansas City classics for this one-time performance. Everything from “Mitchell Bade” to the party-anthem “Let’s Get Fucked Up” is fair game as far as Tech is concerned.

So which will it be? Which Tech N9ne classics will rock the house on August 24 when Strange Music lights up Kansas City? In anticipation of the big event, we asked fans to sound off on which vintage Tech cuts they’d like to see live at KC Crossroads.

Brush up on your history and check out what fans had to say below!

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‘Now It’s On’ – Tristian Morris

‘Questions’ – Valerie Apodaca

‘This Ring’, ‘Psycho Bitch’, and of course ‘Einstein’ – Matthew Matt Mic Crawford

‘The P.A.S.E.O.’ and ‘Questions’ – Kevin Cruz

‘God Complex’ – Chris Perruchon

‘Tormented‘ – Shaun Wheeler

‘Devil Boy’ and ‘Riot Maker’ – Jesse Garcia

‘Beef’ – Joseph Hartlein

‘S.H.E.‘ – David Wilburn

‘Yada, Yada, Yada’ – Redd Velvet

‘Sinister Tech’ – Kyle Yungnonhisgrind Ward

‘Who You Came To See’ – Bethany Myers

‘Red Nose’ – Omar Ponce

‘T9X’ – Elias Martinez

‘Victory‘ – Buther

‘Pinocchiho‘ – Dean

‘Lets Get Fucked Up’,’Mitch Bade’,’Questions’,’Now It’s On’,’Planet Rock’,’Einstein’,’It’s Alive’,’Tormented’,’Stamina’,’Sinister Tech’,’FTI’,’T9X’,’Industry Is Punks’,’Keep On Keepin’ On’,’Slacker’,’I’m a Playa’,’Absolute Power’, and ‘Flash’ instead of ‘Areola’, Old School Tech – Alex Brown

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Tech N9ne Live At KC Crossroads

  • What do you think of these fan picks?
  • Which tracks would you want to see live?

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