Tech N9ne’s Last Stop Before Canada At ‘Food Lover’s Paradise’ – Crossroads KC At Grinders On August 24th

Aug 10 2012

Tech N9ne - KC Crossroads Grinders

When Technicians come to see Tech N9ne on August 24 at KC Crossroads, not only will they get the best that hip hop has to offer, they’ll also get some of the most tasty and creative food in Kansas City.

Crossroads KC at Grinders not only features an outdoor venue that holds about 5,000 people with a full bar and serving at least 130 different types of beer at any given time, it’s also one of the most popular restaurants in the heart of downtown. Featured on The Food Network and described as offering the best slice in Kansas City, Grinders has become a popular destination for a variety of people: from out-of-towners to beer lovers, from artists to lawyers, you could see anyone at the hip Kansas City restaurant.

The owner, Stretch, who is Philly raised and New York accustomed, came to Kansas City to study at the Art Institute in 1984. After earning his degree and moving to Virginia to receive his Masters, Stretch eventually came back to Kansas City with the prospect of developing the art district. The space that is now known as Grinders was originally used as a studio for his artwork and sculptures before homesickness hit him and he started to miss his New York style pizza and Philly cheese steaks. Praised as one of the best restaurants in the greater KC area, the beer selection and the originality of the menu items are what has made it famous.

Featured first is what brings people of all genders, races and social backgrounds together as one – beer.

The General Manager, Stephanie, is personally responsible for the beer selection. She makes sure to have such a wide variety available that some of the beers often served can’t be found anywhere else within a statewide radius.

The beer selection is top-notch and changes regularly. I sometimes take this for granted and go with old standbys, but there is always something unique to try. Often Grinders will be one of the only ones in the metro with a certain beer available.

The beer selection is out of this world. It’s just enormous. They have a separate menu just for their beers, which separates all of the brews by type, and lists them by name, alcohol content, and price. It’s one of the only places in KC where you can get Delerium Tremens on tap! If you can’t find a beer you like in this place, then you simply cannot find one anywhere.

Next, another universal equalizer, and possibly one of the greatest food inventions known to man – pizza.

Bengal Tiger Pizza At Grinder's

Bengal Tiger Pizza At Grinder's

One of their most famous pizzas, the Bengal Tiger, which claims on their website is “Inspired by the flavors of Northwest India. This pie starts with a rich green sauce topped with tandoori chicken, real crab meat, and the unique flavor of hearts of palm and cilantro.” One reviewer writes:

Moving from NY, I was devastated initially when the “best” pizzerias of KC just couldn’t hold their own. That was, until I had my first slice of the Bengal Tiger. It’s an explosion of deliciousness, cooked to perfection. When baked, the dough has a naan-like quality, complementing the spices and tandoori chicken perfectly.

Their second most popular pie is the Chili Bomb. If you don’t immediately want to sample this pizza just from the picture, you might be clinically insane.

The Food is phenomenal. There are few bars in town that can’t even come close to the quality of the grub you will get here. They have an awesome pizza selection, including their locally famous “Chili Bomb Pie” (for non-locals this is a pizza topped with every pork product known to man and the there is a hole cut out in the middle of the pizza and filled with a pile of piping hot tater tots, chili and cheese). And if you don’t appreciate their specialty pizzas, you can build your own with a huge variety of topping possibilities. You can even order by the slice!

And then, of course, the cheesesteaks. Stretch uses actual Cheez Whiz on his sandwiches, and while some might find that odd, anyone from Philly can tell you that’s how it’s done.

Grinders Philly

I knew this place was legit when they offered the Philly Cheese Steak with Cheez Whiz, which is how you get it in Philly. None of this provolone crap. The steak was great, the peppers & onions done to perfection.

Check out the Philly cheese steak. Awesome. Dripping with juices that are bad for you in the best way. Served with provolone, or cheese whiz, they take no time to prepare, and are delicious. You can get them with turkey, but if you’re eating here, your chief concern is not your health.

Finally, but certainly not the last or defining option on the menu, are the wings. Possibly one of Stretch’s favorite culinary creation as his motto is that “…it’s all about the sauce”, there are a few flavors to choose from. Sauces ranging from mild in spice to wings so hot they’re actually inedible, the hottest are called the Death Wings. If you check out the video below of HeatAddicts sampling the sauce, it’s almost literally a ten minute clip of a slow, painful death.

There are tons of menu items to choose from. Not to mention, obviously, the kick-ass show that will be taking place at Grinders. If you are prepared to eat, drink and party at a level that is neither safe nor reasonable, Grinders is absolutely where you want to be come August.

Also, if you can get past the blindingly bleached hair and general absurdity of Guy Fieri, check out Grinders feature on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives to see all the best menu items in great detail:

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Tech N9ne - KC Crossroads

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