The Return Of Kutt Calhoun – Kutt Excited To Hit The Stage For The Gift Of Rap 2012

Nov 27 2012

Kutty Cal

With The Gift Of Rap 2012 being Kutt’s first big Strange Music performance in so long, we had to get his thoughts on why this is such an important event for the Kansas City area. The KC legend has a lot to look forward to with this concert, and we were lucky to catch him on the Gift Of Rap podcast to get his thoughts on what will undoubtedly be Strange Music’s most important show to date.

Here’s what he had to say…

A lot of older people, maybe the generation older than mine, tend to think that rap music or what they see on TV or hear on the radio or on their kids’ stereo is negative, when really it’s a way to vent and get your feelings across musically instead of through violence. I’m anxious to get this [Gift of Rap show] goin’ because it’s not only good for the fans, it’s showing both the older and younger generations that we can come through for positive reasons by giving back to the community.

Now, anyone who has heard the track “Triumph” off Kutt’s Kelvin EP knows that struggle is no stranger to the KC Chief. We asked Kutty about the importance of “Triumph”, and if growing up the way he did made this event hit home for him, here’s what he had to say:

Yeah definitely it does [make it hit home] man, because I was, up until not that long ago, that same inner-city kid that I rapped about in “Triumph”. I’ve been there. Every word and every lyric in “Triumph”, I lived it, and there’s many more kids and many more people in the city that understand exactly what I’m talking about. “Triumph” is one of those songs that not only [people in] KC, but inner cities in hoods all across the United States and overseas, people can relate to the struggles.

Before Kutty left the Strange HQ, he gave us his thoughts on why an event like this is so important, especially in the Kansas City area:

We started from nothin’ and grew to what we are now and we’ve represented Kansas City so much on the way, and since I’ve been a part of Strange Music I’ve been representing Kansas City to the fullest wherever I go. It’s all in my music, and I think we’ve represented Kansas City so much to the point where I feel like we play a big part [in the city’s issues].


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