Tech N9ne Decodes ‘Something Else’ Lyrics For

Jul 24 2013

Tech N9ne At Rap Genius HQ

Not all of us have the ear or the understanding to know what rappers or saying or even what it means. When you’re faced with an emcee like Tech N9ne, who combines rapid-fire delivery with intricate lyricism, the challenge can be that much more difficult. Luckily we have

During his publicity run in New York City to promote Something Else, Tech N9ne stopped by the offices of to verify his lyrics and give explanations for certain bars, covering excerpts from “So Dope” and “Fragile”.

Amongst his clarifications was the line “This jam will lay scripted”. Contrary to a previous transcriber, the line does not say “This jam Wale scripted,” despite Tech expressing his respect for Wale in the video explanation.

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