‘It Seems To Never Get Old’ – Fans Respond To 12th Anniversary Of ‘Anghellic’

Aug 29 2013

Anghellic Update

This week marks the anniversary of the original release date for Tech N9ne’s classic album, Anghellic.

Tech N9ne decided to commemorate the 12th anniversary of Anghellic’s release online and needless to say the fan response was overwhelming.

Here are just a few of the comments we gathered from fans giving it up to the album that started it all.

  • “First song i ever heard of Tech N9ne…THIS RING*.. life changing!!!!” – Alan Baroz
  • “Anyone who says tech aint creative. needs to go slap your mom n dad in the face for having your dumb ass. Then punch yourself in the mouth!” – Anthony Forte
  • “One of my favorite albums! Got me through high school lol” – Alfonso Ramirez
  • “Those were the good ol days we miss the spiked red hair” – Thomas Strangemusic
  • “I remember when it was released, it was so different, so real and so raw. It was like nothing I heard before. Even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, you have to give Tech credit. He is a revolutionary innovator. Stay strange m/” – John Earl Capehart
  • “Keep gettin the word out! I wanna hear new shit when ur like 60!” – Jared Pitts
  • “Best rap album ever made!” – Pat Combs
  • “Still jam it on regular basis!!!! Breathe is one of my all time favorite songs” – Michael Cirrincione
  • “I listen to anghellic once a day. It seems to,never get old.” – Mc T Dineen
  • “thats because your the best around ever. if tupac and biggie were alive they would be fighting over you.” – Josh Provost
  • “i still have that cd and jam it to this day… This ring women fen semen and green things….” – Joshua Gsxr Fingers Keck
  • “They only true artist to start from the bottom and keeping pushing the limits of music . . .TECH N9NE is truly limitless” – Roy Wilson III
  • “That album was and still is so dope , we was riding around banging that the summer of 01 , damn that was along time ago” – Jonathan J. Grettenberg
  • “still the greatest album ever produced and listened to on the regular” – Steven Harris
  • “I still bump Anghellic. Thats what started the Tech N9ne revolution for me.” – Josh Yurisich
  • “Classic Album. This Ring, Einstein, Suicide Letters etc… love it” – Josh Freeland
  • “real killer ,psycho bitch, devil boy , cursed, deamons, all of the are just nothing that sick i never get tired of them!!!!!!” – Gabriel Infante Farias


Tech N9ne - Anghellic Reparation


  • What do you think about Anghellic?
  • Where does it rank for you with Tech’s other albums?

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