The 25 Best Questions And Answers From Tech N9ne’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

Nov 22 2013


Yesterday Tech N9ne took to his very first “Ask Me Anything” section and answered your questions for an hour and a half. We took the time to recover the 25 best questions and answers in this recap of Tech N9ne’s very first AMA.

Check it out!

Midwest_Pole09 When was your last time that you were beardless?

Before I started eatin pussy. That was a long time ago. So 12 years old.

NewRedditorftw What cartoon character would you be?

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny was kool as a muthafucka.

djevikkshar The rain had your 2 daughters on it. Do they have any interest in following in their fathers foot steps? And thank you for doing what you do, much respect.

Nope. Alyia is in an all girl college. Reign is cheerleading now in highschool. Dontez is trying to follow in my footsteps.

jhilton604 Which one of your albums is your favorite and why?

Something Else. Because it’s a mixture of everything I do from The Calm Before The Storm up!

Blazejak25 Huge fan here! Who is your favorite artist to listen to that isn’t on Strange Music?

Corey Taylor.

CHainedOwl Any idea what happened with the Linkin Park track?

I don’t know, I think time just ran out for that single. Cuz I did it. They loved it, but you know…

hollatay You touched my hand at a show once, Tech. Haven’t washed it since 😉

That’s nasty lol Cuz I had just scratched my balls and scratched my ass and smelled my finger afterwards, Sorry N Shit.

godhatespretty First of all, Do you feel your fans have embraced therapy like you’ve wanted them to? And would you ever give me the chance to come on to your tour bus? 😉

Yes, and I’m so happy about it. not if you don’t have a pussy!

DemonFreak666 Hey Tech when is that collab with Immortal Technique going to happen?

Whenever the beat calls his name.

8amedia Personally, what song of yours would be the best to dance to on my first dance at my wedding?

Cult Leader LOL. No, That Box. No, Areola lolol.

Willyb524 Hey Tech, first off I’m in the Army and I want to thank you for all of your support of the troops. Secondly, What inspired you to visit the troops overseas and write “The Noose” with Mayday?

Because of the news of all the suicides that occur among soldiers.

tacosandstuff What’s your favorite Brotha Lynch Hung song?

Situation Dirty from the I’m Bout It soundtrack

Aces119 I see you perform in Jordan’s, which Jordan is your favorite?


SquidneyTaylor TECH N9NE! I’m a huge fan. I literally listen to ‘I Can Get Grim’ every morning before I go to class and was curious as to whether you’d ever consider releasing anymore NUTTHOWZE tracks from back in the day, kinda like a vintage tech part 2 type of thing?

You have to talk to Icy Roc. He has them hidden somewhere.

SannyTaetah did you write Something Else or anything with the pen I gave you in munich? Sanny Taetah

I’ve used the same pen since KILLER.

rayar363 Who would be the best Trivia player on Strange Music?

Fuckin Krizz Kaliko and Travis.

fijianrocker69 Is K.A.B.O.S.H in full effect yet?

It will be.

Jwa2nd How will Strangeulation be different compared to all the other collabo albums?

I don’t know, but I recorded a solo song today and it’s incredibly humongous. It’s called “Over It”.

kachenagrace What are your thoughts on Snowtheproduct?!

I think she’s crazy lyrically AND mentally. I just think she gets quiet around me so I won’t know that she’s crazy for real. But from one crazy to another, I know she is.

slartbarg What’s the hardest verse you’ve ever recorded?

The hardest verse I ever recorded was “So Dope” because the beat is so open its hard to stay on beat.

srjnealon When was your “oh shit…. I’m going to do this forever” moment and what was it like ?

I just realized on the last tour that I can’t quit cuz you guys follow me and to just stop would be soooo wrong.

VirtualRevolution What’s the hardest drug you’ve ever done?

Ketamine and NOT willingly.

jeigh29 Will you still be performing when you’re 50?

I think so.

gmoney14 Do you have anything started for “Special Effects” yet?

Not yet because I’m currently working on STRANGEULATION.

TRTNquestions Will there be features on Strangeulation outside of the label? Who do you want on it?

No, all Strange. Beats and all.