‘I’m Trying To Create A Hater’s Nightmare’ – Spice 1 On Recruiting Tech N9ne, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Busta Rhymes, And Twista

Aug 9 2012

Spice 1 On Recruiting Tech N9ne, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Busta Rhymes, And Twista

Can you say ultimate posse cut?

West Coast legend Spice 1 recently dropped in on the Strange Music Podcast for a live interview regarding his long career in hip hop, including his work with 2pac, his take on mainstream radio, and his upcoming album, Hater’s Nightmare.

Among the many topics discussed, was the upcoming collaboration between Spice 1 and Tech N9ne. More than just your average collab, Spice 1 looks to reunite with an old friend for the sake of hip hop and as he let us know, he would like to bring a few friends along for the fast-paced ride.

In case you missed the live interview, here’s what Spice 1 had to say:

“Me and Tech we go way back. Years, man. I’ve known Tech since before he got with Regime and Yuk and all of that. Me, Yuk, Tech, the whole Regime click, we’ve always been homies from back in the day. You know it was a LONG time, but it was a matter of time before me and Tech got together and did something.

Back in the day, I even recorded a song with him and it was called ‘Keys To My Navi’. It might even be on the internet somewhere, it’s called ‘Keys To My Navi’ like keys to my Navigator. Like way back in the day. So, we need to touch base again because we way overdue. So now, I think it’s about time for me and Tech to get down. Especially if I can bring the Bones (Bone Thugs N Harmony) up in there with us. We’ll tear it down. I’m looking for Busta Rhymes and Twista too. I’m trying to create a Hater’s Nightmare for real. “


-Interview conducted by Victor Sandoval, Assistant Blog Editor Strange Music

  • What are your thoughts on a collaboration this big?
  • Would you like to see it come together? Who else should appear?

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