‘He’s Got His Own Lane – Ubiquitous Of CES Cru Talks Prozak Collaboration On Prozak’s ‘Black Ink’ [SM Exclusive]

Sep 16 2015


Prozak surprised everybody when he dropped the tracklist for Black Ink. From making an album with virtually no features to having many from the Strange Music roster, the anticipation is high for his latest project.

We talked to one of those features, Ubiquitous of CES Cru, to get an idea what to expect on his two collaborative efforts on the album. In true Ubi fashion, the emcee gave us enough to get us excited without spoiling the surprises at hand on Black Ink.

You haven’t worked with Prozak before, but how have you gotten to know him over the years?

We’re labelmates. I’ve toured with him. We went on The Something Else Tour together. That’s the most time I’ve spent with him. I haven’t met him previously though.

How did it come to be that he approached you and Godemis to be on his album?

We loosely communicate about whatever. We don’t talk on the phone too often, but sometimes. We stay up a little bit.  He had already told me on the Something Else tour that he had wanted to do some work and i was like “Yeah, of course.” I remember re-solidifying that when I had talked to him at the Cypher video shoot, The Strangeulation Cypher, when everybody was together and what not. We talked some about it that day. So I knew I was going to be doing a song with him at some point. I didn’t know it was going to be TWO songs though. Bonus!


I made the cut, twice over. It’s only because he anchored me with Madchild.

It’s pretty cool you get to work with Madchild on a song.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s pretty tight.

What do you think about Madchild? You ever listen to him?

Way back in the day.


Swollen Members stuff.

Yeah. Swollen Members stuff, and I did a song over a Swollen Members beat.

Really? What was that?

It’s on a mixtape. It’s called “C-Cups”.

Oh, okay.

It’s tight.

Iron Giant.



I didn’t know that was a Swollen Members beat.

Yeah, that’s a Swollen Members beat.

Did Prozak give you guys any instructions on what the song was about or do you guys just know how to pick that up?

“The Plague” was a standard hot 16 assignment, kind of, if I remember right. That was fun. That was tight. Seven made the beat. I think there’s some scratches on the hook or something. It’s pretty cool man. The other one was more of a subject:”War Within”.

What was the subject in this case?

I think everyone sort of took their own stab at it. It was all three of us on there: Godemis, Prozak and myself. I guess it’s maybe about inner conflict? Inner turmoil?

Anything that you touched upon on your verse that you want to talk about?

I touched on a couple of things.

Can you tell us anything?

I want to leave it to mystery because I don’t want to reveal my bars. The record’s not even out.

You can’t even give us a hint? Anything that you talked about?

I was bussin’ on there.

You were bussin’. Did you get a lot off your chest?

16 bars worth.

Yeah? 16 compact bars?

Not 15, not 18…



How do you like how the songs came out? Have you listened to them?

Yeah, I’ve listened to them. I don’t have copies of them though, so I haven’t gotten to sit with them or whatever. I listened to them in the studio and yeah, I think they came out. It’s dope.

It’s cool working with Prozak and Madchild simultaneously for the first time, and then of course the CES Cru feature was like another day at work for me and the Godemis, rocking some shit out for the homie.

What was it like working with Prozak in general?

It was cool man Prozak’s a cool dude. Interesting dude to talk to. We have good conversations.

What do you think about him as an artist?

He’s very interesting to me because he’s very different from me and he’s good at what he does, which is not what I do, so that’s intriguing. He’s got his own lane. There’s nobody like him that I know about.

Anything you want to say about the album and Prozak and anything?

Black Ink, get it October 9th. Pre-order it, that’s even better on October 9th. The songs are dope and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it.

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