With Rittz Set To Begin Work On New Album, Could It Include A Killer Mike Collaboration?

Mar 13 2017

Between the release of Top Of The Line and the Independent Powerhouse Tour last year, then starting off 2017 with a guest verse on Ces Cru’s Catastrophic Event Specialists (see “Rubble”) paired with his forthcoming Dominion work, you might think Rittz is ready for a breather. Think again.

The Atlanta-emcee is already on to his next album!

Check out this recent Instagram post where Rittz asks fans who he should feature on the currently undeveloped album.

Who do y’all wanna hear on my next album?!

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While, the album is in it’s very early stages and there is nothing set in stone, it looks like there might be a potential collaboration already, and it’s one you definitely want to keep an eye on. After shouting out Tech N9ne, recently, Run The Jewels is again, linked to Strange Music; Rittz’ post fellow Georgian, Killer Mike, when tagged int he post, tweeted, “”I owe Rittz. I’m down.”

Again, it’s important to know that absolutely nothing is set or official, it’s merely just a tweet, but still, that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited at the possibility of Rittz’ smooth yet surgical flow paired with Killer Mike’s gristly, punching approach. For now, check out this psuedo collab from 2012, “Atlanta Smokers Only” and keep your fingers crossed!