REVEALED: Tech N9ne’s 5 A.M. Drunk Confessions [Interview]

Aug 10 2012

Tech N9ne

During our now-infamous podcast with Tech N9ne about the upcoming KC Crossroads show on August 24, we were also to get his opinion on CES Cru and their upcoming EP 13. Opening with the first set, it looks like that they’ll be bringing some heat from their debut Strange Music release.

During the inane conversation, we caught a glimpses of a scene that is as hilarious as it is unbelievable.

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We got CES Cru on this show at KC Crossroads. From what I understand they’re trying to perform some song s from this upcoming EP 13, and I know you’ve heard it. What can you tell me about this EP?

Man, “Klick Clack Bang” is my thing. “Hit em with a click clack bang!” you know what I’m sayin’? That’s the shit, boy. I don’t even know what the final track list is cause I know they were going back and forth, like “Okay, this one. Okay, take this one off. Okay, put this one on, take this one off,” cause they had more than eight. They had, like, a lot to choose from. What they did, and I got all of em, I’m like “Woah!”. I got something I just heard, and I’m like like “Woah, what the fuck?” with everything I love. I’m like “Don’t take off a fucking thing!” you know? So, I don’t know what they ended up with, but I got like two versions of 13, and one got 12 on it, one got 8 on it, one – one got 7 on it. Oh, I got like 3 versions cause one got 8 on it, one of em got 7 on it, one of em got 12 on it, I don’t fuckin’ know. But, what I got, I fell in love with everything already, you know what I’m sizzlin’? Like, I don’t even know the name of the songs, for real, you know what I’m sayin? “Colosseum” is my shit. Uh, there’s one I heard they were trying to take off. “(Sings lyrics)”…that shit dope! That shit dope. I heard they was sayin’ “Ya’ll can take that one off,”. I’m like “No, please, don’t take it off. I fucking love it.” So, I don’t really know what the track list is gonna be, but the fuckin’ shit I’ve been listening to, Jeff…Nelson… the shit that Aaron Yates been listening to for the last couple weeks, down- nigga I’m talkin’ bout the (unintelligible).

I was down at the mothafucking Lake of the Ozarks bangin that shit. Nigga was rappin’ it to me. Nigga, we was drunk as a mothafucka’. We was just drinking. I was just eating taquitos and hamburgers and shit at 5 o’clock in the morning listening to CES Cru. I’m like, “Listen to this shit, nigga!” I was telling CES Cru “Ya’ll sleep on this, nigga!” I mean, I was so drunk I was like, “Ya’ll sleep on this!” They say, “Nigga, this is us!” and I’m like, “No, but ya’ll sleep on it, though. Ya’ll don’t know what it really is, though!” That’s how drunk I was. I was telling Godemis, “You don’t know nothin’ about this. Listen to this one.” I was like, “Listen to this one,” and he’s rapping it to me, and I’m lookin’ at him like, “You don’t know nothin’ about this, though!” and he’s rappin’ the whole shit to me. I’m like, “No, you don’t understand,” you know what I’m sayin’? Mothafuckers think we went down there to fuck with bitches and all that. Nah, nigga. We went down there and we was listenin’ to music with each other, nigga, til’ like 5 in the morning like, “Listen to this one. Listen to this one. Hey, you heard this one, Godemis?”

Tech N9ne and Godemis Lake Of The Ozarks
Tech N9ne And A Dumbfounded Godemis, Lake Of The Ozarks, 4 AM

“I did it, Tech.” “Hey, Ubi, what about this one, man? What you call this one, ‘Colosseum?’ Yeah, man, listen to that one!” It’s like, that’s what we was doin’, you know what I mean? I’m talkin’ bout that’s how much I love the shit, and when you hear it, you gonna say, “Yeah, Tech was right.”

13 is crazy, these niggas can really go, man. These are – these are some rappin’ muthafuckas, man, and I wouldn’t have signed them if they weren’t fucking elite – I tell you. I wouldnt’ve sought these motherfuckers out, nigga. I stumbled upon em, you know what I’m sayin’? I been knowin’ about Godemis since, um, the 50 MCs. He was on there, and I asked, you know, Grant Rice who that was, and Grant Rice said, “That’s Godemis. He’s from North Kansas City,”. I’m like, “Really? Dude’s dope. He gotta voice.” And then, I didn’t hear nothin’ from him for years, you know what I’m sayin’, for years. And then I started stumbling upon shows that they were doing. I stumbled upon a Devin The Dude show, and a Mac Lethal show, or something, and they was on stage and I was like, “What the fuck? No way they not with me,” cause I want the hardest mothafuckers on my team, and they are some of the hardest muthafuckas.

When you hear 13, ah, you already know that they did “Unfair”, and you already know they did “Give it Up” with Lebowski on it. You already know they go, but when you listen to 13…I ain’t just sayin’ that cause they on my label now. I’m proud as fuck to say I have CES Cru with me, and we gonna be going on tour, and we gonna be doing songs together and shit. These muthafuckas are somebody you really wanna be in cahoots with ’cause this is hip hop at its finest. It’s like if I need the name of a song I could sit here and sing to you everything, you know, I got it like right here, you know? I could push play and it just come on.

The muthafuckin’ shit is amazing, homie! I wouldn’t take anything off. I don’t even wanna know what the final track list is, I’ma be pissed because on the one I got they had like solo songs on there, like two solo songs. One called, (Sings lyrics). It was, uh, Ubi’s solo song, and then Godemis has one, (Sings lyrics). Fucking shit is crazy, it was fuckin’ dope. So I heard that they’re taking the solo songs off and putting some more on. Then, I heard some more from Travis. I’m like, “What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that? I never heard that one.” I said, “Give me that shit!” I don’t know the titles, but the muthafuckin’ shit is elite and – don’t take my fuckin’ word for it, just get it! This is the age where niggas be downloading shit. Yeah, check it out, nigga. Then buy it after that, because it’s real! I’m not gonna just throw some niggas out at you like, “Here, pshh,” and it’s shitty. I’m not gonna just do that. I’m gonna give you the best shit that I could possibly give you, and push my artists to do the same thing.

We have a beautiful production team, you know what I’m sayin’, we got Seven. Seven just be kickin’ shit out, man, you know what I’m sayin’? They dude, whoever their dude is who do they beats, I need to meet that nigga. I forgot his name. They keep on telling me – I asked em when I was drunk. I’m like, “Who is doin’ these beats?” and they like, “Nigga’s name is so and so,” and I’m like, “Yeah,”. And I ask them a lot – like another time, “Who is doin’ these beats?”, and they said, “The nigga’s name is so and so,” and I’m like, “Yeah, I gotta get with him,” but I keep on forgetting his name.

Info Gates.

Info Gates

Nah, nigga. It was another name.

Smart Alec?

Nope. Nope. It was another name. It’s like one name, like “Listen” or some shit like that. It was something crazy like that, you know what I’m sayin’? Yeah, the nigga’s insane. I’m like, “What the fuck?”. He did that, uh, that uh, that “Klick Clack Bang” or whatever the fuck, you know what I’m sayin’? He did that. He did a lot of shit, man.

That’s Info Gates.

I don’t know. Maybe they called him Info.

Yeah, they do just call him Info.

“Info” for short

Ah, that’s probably it. That’s probably it. That’s probably it. The nigga’s dope, you know what I’m sayin’, and uh, Seven’s on there, you know what I’m sayin’, uh, you know, Young Fyre be comin’ through sometimes. I don’t know if he got anything on 13, but the nigga, what he got on with, Young Fyre got from (unintelligible). What Seven got on (unintelligible). It’s gonna be hard for niggas to get in, you know what I’m sayin’? It’s gonna be hard for niggas to get in, dog.



CES Cru - 13

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