Year In Review – 2011: Fans Hit The Web With Tech N9ne Covers

Dec 28 2011

The Year In Review - 2011: Fans Cover Tech N9ne

With the release of All 6’s And 7’s and Welcome To Strangeland, Tech N9ne delivered an incredible amount of brand new music in 2011. The only thing more impressive than Tech’s work ethic was that of his fans – the Technicians. Looking to take a bit of their own spotlight, fans all over the world stepped in front of the camera and did their absolute best to cover some of Tech N9ne’s biggest hits in 2011. From the furious rapid-fire covers of “Worldwide Choppers” to the banging drum covers of hits like “He’s A Mental Giant”, these fans ran the gamut of Tech N9ne’s catalog.

Here are the fan covers we featured in 2011:

“Worldwide Choppers” Fan Covers
Tech N9ne’s star studded collaboration took the internet by storm. Featuring the very best choppers in the world, fans couldn’t help but try and master the syllable slicing flows from each of the MCs on the track. People of all backgrounds did their best to perfectly execute covers of “Worldwide Choppers” throughout the entire year.

Drummers And Guitar Players Rock Out Inside Strangeland
Adding a little edge to Tech N9ne’s music, these individuals relied on their drums and guitars to deliver some of the most unique covers in 2011. There’s nothing like some live instruments to raise the energy of a performance.

Misc. Tech N9ne Covers
From Tech N9ne classics to the most recent fan favorites, everything found its way into YouTube fan covers. Check out these great fan covers spanning Tech N9ne’s career!

What were some of your favorite Tech N9ne covers in 2011?